When Kingdom Rules Don't Count Anymore

When Kingdom Rules Don't Count Anymore


Addressing the crisis in marital fidelity among Christians and their leaders, Pastor Jack Hayford ministers on the biblical priority of a leader's accountability and faithfulness to his or her marriage. Along with the devastation of divorce taking place in families everywhere, we are also seeing an erosion of conviction toward the Biblical mandate of an ordered marriage relationship for spiritual leaders. Often, they are also continuing their leadership without an appropriate time of restoration or repentance where their failure contributed to the failure of the marriage. Practical preparation for ministry begins in a leader's home and family. As Pastor Hayford puts it: "I will inevitably love the church the same way I love my wife. I will treat the church the way I treat my wife. That's why the Lord calls for spiritual leaders to learn His order and divine design for the home."

From the album "When Kingdom Rules Don't Count Anymore"

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