Ready for Heaven

Ready for Heaven

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When the loss of a loved one or the fog of discouragement surrounds you, it’s easy to lose hope and allow fear to cloud your vision of the future. In this special 5-message collection, Pastor Jack reveals how God brings His presence to believers when we face difficulties. While we like it when Jesus takes us out of hard times, sometimes the only way out — is through.

You’ll also discover that, because of the foreknowledge of God, believers are assured of a place in Heaven. And, you’ll understand why your belief in Jesus gives you the ability to trust Him and welcome the place in Heaven He has gone to prepare for your loved one…and for you!

Messages included:
Sealed by the Holy SpiritThe Letter on Going ThroughWhat Will Happen When Jesus Comes? Pt. 1What Will Happen When Jesus Comes? Pt. 2In the Wake of a Sudden Call Home

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