Keys to Revelation - DVD Album

Keys to Revelation - DVD Album

DVD Album

This ten-part teaching series on the book of Revelation was ministered before a live audience and premiered on Pastor Jack Hayford's SPIRIT FORMED television program. Rather than a verse-by-verse examination, this study is intended to help us grasp priorities, focus on practical truth, and find a deeper love for Christ. While Revelation is a book of prophecy, it also has much to teach us about what is going on right now. God's Word is not given for the sake of speculation, but that we might know the value of what has been purchased for us in Heaven, as well as what works in our lives today.

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Contains ten teachings: The Practical Key; The Overcoming Key; The Worship and Intercession Key; The Scrolls Key; The Earthquakes Key; The Israel, the Church, and the Rapture Key; The Last Trumpet Key; The Evil Trinity Key; The Great Babylon Key; The Millennium...and Beyond.

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