Nehemiah: Pictures of the Holy Spirit

Nehemiah: Pictures of the Holy Spirit

DVD Album

This 12-episode DVD album contains the complete series of teachings by Pastor Jack Hayford from his landmark study on the Book of Nehemiah, as seen on the SPIRIT FORMED TV broadcast. These encouraging teachings present a clear picture of the nature and work of the Holy Spirit assisting the believer in rebuilding life's broken places. Though spiritually reborn in Jesus Christ, there is often past damage upon a believer's soul that is carried over. Nehemiah, whose name means Comforter, is a picture of the Holy Spirit who has come to repair, rebuild, and restore. Just as Nehemiah came to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem and its temple, so the Holy Spirit is ready to rebuild the thoughts, emotions, and character of those who have received new life in Christ. Contains 12 messages: To Restore and Rebuild; Partnering with the Holy Spirit; History for Today; Restoration of the Soul; Resources and Authority, Parts 1 and 2; The Soul vs. the Spirit; Spiritual Warfare; Fulfilled, Fruitful, and Faithful; Pathway to Victory; Glory at the Gates; and Practice of Worship.

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