The Parable of the Pennies

The Parable of the Pennies


It was just a penny. It was dirty. It had been walked over, run over, and overlooked by countless others who'd seen it before and then just passed by. It didn't even seem worth the effort to bend over and pick the penny up, but the whisper of God was unmistakable: It's still ONE. By the simple obedience in which Pastor Jack Hayford picked up a parade of pennies that he found in the street, at the mall, and even in an airport restroom, he found an encouraging biblical truth about the heart of Father God towards people: God loves every each and every one, and none are too far, too filthy, or too forsaken for His reach. Delivering this message of God's great love on Resurrection Day, Pastor Hayford teaches how its celebration at Easter offers us a victory, confronts an enemy, and honors the Savior.

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