The Bridges of God

The Bridges of God

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Although the word "bridge" doesn't appear in the Bible, "bridge" events are a picture of how the Lord takes us from where we are to where we could never be apart from His doing something to "bridge" the way. It may be by miracle power or supernatural intervention. The ultimate bridge is the Cross which spans the gulf of sin and brings people into relationship with God.

In the first message of this three-part series, "The Bridges You Brave" (Exodus 14:9-14) the children of Israel discover, as they witness the turbulent parting of the Red Sea, that it takes as much faith to walk in a miracle as it does to stand on the shore and cry out for one. In "The Bridges You Burn" (1 Corinthians 10:1-13), we see how a torch must be applied to those things that link our hearts to the temptations of "Egypt." Finally, "The Bridges You Build" (2 Kings 2:1-14; Joshua 5:12) brings us beyond needing a miracle every day to possessing our "promised land" and a life of ongoing victory.

Contains three messages.

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