Restoration!: Thank you for your gift of $60 or more!

Restoration!: Thank you for your gift of $60 or more!

In appreciation for your special gift of $60 or more, we’ll send you two great resources: Restoration! and Rebuilding the Real You. 

Whatever has been lost to the works of darkness, the Lord is ready to restore when we come wholeheartedly before Him. In this 5-CD set, Pastor Jack Hayford reveals that Jesus has a program of continuing restoration ready to rebuild us and bring us into a fulfilled life. While not demanding that we forget our history, God calls us to cease mourning the past and to begin rejoicing in in the destiny of grace that exceeds it.

The 5-CD collection includes: The Essence of Repentance - Regaining What is Rightfully Ours - Transmitted Authority - Waters to Swim In - Transforming Memories

In Pastor Jack’s classic handbook on restoration, Rebuilding the Real You, you’ll understand the process by which the Holy Spirit brings restoration. And you’ll explore life-transforming truths about renewal and personal restoration, so you can identify and effectively overcome obstacles. Plus, you’ll learn to walk fully and fruitfully in the Spirit-filled life, receive the Word of God without feeling condemned, and rejoice in God's faithfulness!

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