Refuse the Scrooge! - 4-Message Digital Download

Refuse the Scrooge! - 4-Message Digital Download

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Refuse the Scrooge! [Digital Download]

In a season that is all about giving, it’s ever important to keeping ourselves open to receiving that which the Lord wants to give us. This Christmas resolve in your heart to not just receive the joy that celebrating Christ’s birth brings, but also enjoy the presence of the Lord that can bring everlasting peace to a season that can often become overwhelming. Merry Christmas!

As a "thank you" for your gift of $25 or more in support of the Spirit-led outreaches of Jack Hayford Ministries, we'd like to send you this 4-Message Digital Download, Refuse the Scrooge! with the messages:

  • Unwrapping Christmas
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • How to Tell Christmas Time
  • Refusing the Scrooge Spirit
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  • $25.00
  • Save $23

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