Prayer: For Such a Time as This

Prayer: For Such a Time as This

Religious differences and contentious politics can create deep divides between people that seem impossible to bridge. But, God provides a way to be His agents of change and restoration through power-filled prayer. 

Prayer: For Such a Time as This - In this 3-message collection, Pastor Jack Hayford points to the Bible's call for prayer, supplication, intercession, and giving of thanks for those in authority as the means for changing the climate of our nation. God desires for us to be people of living hope, and for that hope to shape our words and actions, so we may touch people and our cities with the life of Jesus. 

Messages Include: People of a Living Hope – Prayer and the Climate of a Nation – Called to a Time Such as This

Prayer is Invading the Invisible – Prayer is not passive supplication, but rather, an aggressive act that stands boldly in the face of impossibility--an act that may be performed by anyone who will accept the challenge to learn to pray. Through prayer, we discover that nothing is impossible with God and that He is able to do beyond all that we can ask or think. As Jack Hayford explains, “Prayer can change anything. The impossible doesn’t exist. His is the power. Ours is the prayer. Without Him, we cannot. Without us, He will not.”

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