[Out of Stock] Living the Spirit-Formed Life Bundle - Book and DVD

In a world with so much competing for our attention, it's easy to neglect or lose sight of the importance of the spiritual disciplines the Lord has given us for victorious living in Christ. Pastor Jack Hayford shows new believers and mature Christians alike how to rediscover the power and blessings of such basic disciplines as prayer and fasting, daily worship, and the release of repentance and forgiveness. What Pastor Jack offers is an inspiring guide to the Spirit-Formed life where God guides and we thrive!

The ten sessions with Pastor Hayford on this DVD correspond to the ten disciplines taught in depth in the companion handbook of the same name. Explore what it means to be a disciple as you rediscover the power and blessings of such basic disciplines as prayer, Bible reading, worship, solitude, submission, and forgiveness. A valuable tool for leaders who want to teach these principles to others, or for home viewing by anyone, this DVD presentation is easily followed by any sized group. It is suitable for adult Bible studies as well as Sunday school use, and reinforces the book's message both verbally and visually. Accompanied by a free downloadable viewing guide. Total run time is approximately two hours.

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