Light the Darkness: Thank you for your support of $50 or more!

Light the Darkness: Thank you for your support of $50 or more!

To thank you for your support of Jack Hayford Ministries, we want to send you two powerful resources to help you shine the piercing light of the Holy Spirit into any dark situation.

In his book, Penetrating the Darkness: Discovering the Power of the Cross Against Unseen Evil, Pastor Jack shares a battle plan for releasing the power of Jesus’ cross to defeat unseen evil and unleashing the power of God to defeat hell on Earth. As you develop a powerful prayer life, engage in effective intercession, understand the weapons available to you, and apply the blood of Jesus, you will witness God's light penetrate the darkness, and flood your home, community and world.

And, in his 4-CD series, Light the Darkness, Pastor Jack reveals that our relationship to Father God's hope, purpose and power for us is like turning up a dimmer to full power. With it, you’ll discover how to plug into your position in Body of Christ, to ask the Lord for wisdom, revelation, and knowledge, and to pray to be filled with God’s light and hope. As the Lord answers your prayers, you’ll see how we all will become power-filled agents of His light and hope and drive out the darkness in our own lives and in the world around us.

Messages include, The Speaking of "Amen" - The River of Deliverance - The Finger of God - Crowding Out the Darkness

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