Light of the World! - 4-Message album and The Divine Visitor book

What does Christmas mean to you?

Whenever I think about Christmas, I inevitably think about light. From Christmas lights to candles, light is everywhere during the Christmas season. Loved One, I don’t think this is by accident!I think the lights we use to celebrate Christmas speak to the true light of Christmas, which comes from the very face of our Savior, Jesus.

Scripture says the light of Jesus can work specific things in our lives when we are open to receive His light. I believe this Christmas season, our loving Heavenly Father is calling us to receive and experience the light and life of Jesus anew and to allow Jesus’ light to bring fresh hope and warmth to our hearts and lives.

As a “thank you” for your gift of $45 or more in support of Jack Hayford Ministries, we would like to send you a copy of Pastor Jack’s book, The Divine Visitor, and his hope-filled and empowering series, Light of the World.

In these messages, Pastor Jack shares how to receive the light of Jesus into our lives, so we can experience all that the light of Jesus promises to work within us. He also shares how to freshly encounter the person of Jesus and how to receive a fresh-filling of God’s power in our lives. As believers receive the light of Jesus and promises of God in faith, our strength and hope will be renewed, and we will be able to live out the fullness of all God has planned and purposed for us.

Audio messages include: The People of Christmas, The Symbols of Christmas, The Lights of Christmas, and The Greatest Miracle of All.

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