Come To The Table

Come To The Table

CD Album

"Do this in remembrance of Me," Jesus said, as He gave thanks and shared the bread and the cup with His disciples. So He calls us to partake of the provision and power made available by His broken body and shed blood at Calvary. Jesus calls us to His Table to celebrate and remember that He's given us Forgiveness (He's a mighty Savior who has washed us from our sins); Provision (He will be the strength for your every day); Healing (He will heal you in spirit, soul, and body); and Victory (He is the One who has broken the power of sin, temptation, and satanic bondage to, in any way, dominate your life). Communion is the foundational feast of the Bible in which the Lord provides a fresh availability of His power and resource for our immediate days ahead.

This album contains four messages: The Full Scope of Communion, The Beginning of the Matzo, Jesus' Passion for Participants, and What Jesus Wants Us To Remember.

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