Believer's Basics

Believer's Basics

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This powerful six-message series examines key practices essential for believers who are committed to growth: Worship, Submission, Fellowship, Intercession, Stewardship, and Witnessing.

Beginning with worship, Pastor Jack teaches that it is more than just singing a few songs before the sermon; worship is about dealing with the issues of life in which we need God enthroned. Submission establishes personhood founded on the basis of the promise of God's power in our life, not the strength of our own self-assertiveness. Fellowship has to do with mutual accountability and relationship among members of the Body of Christ. Though often confused with friendship, fellowship is different, offering greater depth and opportunity for growth. Then, vigilance and resistance of Satan are the essence of intercession. Intercession takes place when we recognize the intrusive hand of hell is attempting to move in, and we rise in the power of faith with prayer to resist it. Pastor Jack teaches at length on Stewardship, and finally, shares his own personal testimony to demonstrate the power of Witnessing and how the Lord uses that to touch other people's lives.

Six messages.

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