Advancing Through Discipline

Advancing Through Discipline

This encouraging teaching points the way to wisdom concerning the principles of giving and being open to the blessings of God. The Lord has said that you can't serve God and mammon. Why is this significant? The term mammon refers to one of the deities of the ancient world. It was, and still can be an idol in our lives. Money will force you to your knees if it can get you there. Instead of being driven to your knees in desperation, how much better to come on your knees in worship before the living God who stands ready to restore and rebuild all that the world system has taken.

Learn to be faithful in morality and faithful in money. Both have to do with life and what you love. If you love money then you'll seek to preserve it for yourself. If you love God then you'll honor Him with your money.

Many of the children of Light function in the heavenly kingdom for their salvation and in the mammon kingdom when managing their financial and business affairs. Your money will come under the control of the world atmosphere or under the control of the Almighty One who, because you are in covenant with Him, already governs your soul. 

Second of three tapes in the series "God's Pathway Of Plenty"

Luke 16:1-13

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