A Family Encyclopedia

A Family Encyclopedia

CD Album

This 24-message CD album presents a wide range of topics foundational to clear thinking about the family in today's world such as husband/wife and parent/child relationships, divorce and remarriage, finances, sexual questions, and issues related to the single person. Messages include: The Husband/Wife Relationship (Parts 1,2 and 3), Enroute to Highway 1, Divorce and the People of God, Can God Put Together What Men Has Split Asunder?, The Way of an Adult with a Child , Dedicating the Newborn, Learning God's Way of Correction, Children of Your Father Part 1, Submitting to Your Parents, Thank God for Fathers, The Difference Between Soil and Dirt, Marrieds' Questions About Sex, Heavenly Sex and How to Find It, Transmitting Sexual Health, What To Do to Experience Financial Breakthrough, Making Money Your Friend, Your Home Insurance Policy, Presenting Your House to Christ, God Dwelling at Your House, Five Things Before You Move, Single: To Be or Not To Be, and Establishing Family Roots.

Companion Study Notes included with album; also downloadable online.

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