How to Live and Love in a Perverted World

How to Live and Love in a Perverted World


We have no power in spiritual warfare if we don't love what or who we're praying for. Learn how to reach out to those who are lost in sin the way that Jesus did-in love, not with antagonism. Too often the world's culture intrudes upon who we are supposed to be in Him, and that is why so many believers have a difficulty dealing with the subject of perversion and homosexuality in a truly Christ-like way.

This full-length teaching covers what is the call of the Church with regard to homosexuality, and provides believers with detailed keys to understanding God's heart, discerning God's Word, and reviewing our own personal attitudes. As agents of the Kingdom of God and members of the Body of Christ, we have the opportunity to reach and touch the world not by having an anti-homosexual agenda, but by having a pro-gospel message.


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