Majesty: God Enthroned in Our Worship

Majesty: God Enthroned in Our Worship


The Father doesn't need our praise. So why does He prescribe worship as a daily activity? As Jack Hayford reveals, God graces His people with worship as a gift. When we enter into His presence, worship fulfills our spiritual needs as nothing else can. As we recognize and acknowledge God s holiness, we are liberated to discover genuine wholeness. In this new revised version of his classic best-seller Worship His Majesty, Pastor Jack shows us the blessings of praise and how God s grace fills everything He gives and calls us to do. When your worship enthrones His majesty, His grace will overflow on you with a flood of spiritual enrichment. No one else but God can truthfully lay claim to the position of highest value in any person s life. Whom or what you worship exerts tremendous influence over what you are and what you will become.

Formerly titled: Worship His Majesty

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