The Hayford Bible Handbook

The Hayford Bible Handbook


Updated and revised, The Hayford Bible Handbook is the complete companion for Spirit-filled Bible study featuring: informative surveys for every book of the Bible, the visual survey of the Bible, Kingdom Life InsightsTM for each book of the Bible, unique Spirit-Filled Life® encyclopedic dictionary with over 1,300 entries, keys for applying the principles of the Spirit-Filled Life®.

The Hayford Bible Handbook offers charismatic and Pentecostal Christians a major reference tool that provides easy access to a wealth of biblical and practical information. Within the Handbook are a variety of \keys" to help the reader's study of God's Word: The Kingdom Key - executive editor Dr. Jack Hayford's assessment of each book; The Timeline Key - places the events of each book in the chronological context of history and the whole of Scripture; The Master Key - points out the place of the Lord Jesus Christ within each book; The Power Key - focuses on the Holy Spirit's action and activities in each book; and The Word-Text Key - in most books, includes (1) a key verse, (2) a key chapter, and (3) key words that define each book and recur often in the text.

This valuable study tool is designed for those who want to get to the core of the truth, first to see how it applies to our lives, then to see how we can minister that truth to others.


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