[Out of Stock] Restoring The Walls: God's Pathway to Personal Renewal

[Out of Stock] Restoring The Walls: God's Pathway to Personal Renewal

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Studies in the Book of Nehemiah. Jack Hayford's landmark teaching on the Book of Nehemiah unfolds a clear picture of the nature and work of the Holy Spirit assisting the believer in rebuilding life's broken places. Though spiritually reborn in Jesus Christ, there is often past damage upon a believer's soul that is carried over. Nehemiah,whose name means comforter,is a picture of the Holy Spirit who has come to repair, rebuild, and restore. Just as Nehemiah came to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem and its temple, so the Holy Spirit is ready to rebuild the thoughts, emotions, and character of those who have received new life in Christ. Contains 22 messages and free downloadable study guide.

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Messages include: Getting My Life Back Together, The Difference Between Soul and Spirit, Holiness and Wholeness, The Difference Between Bondage and Captivity, Angels, Demons and Satan, Overruling the Adversary, Freedom from Condemnation, Confession and Baptism with the Holy Spirit, God's View of Human Imperfections, My Responsibility for Your Spiritual Growth, The Adversary's Attack on an Individual's Hope, Dealing With Doubts, The Influence of Evil Spirits on Believers, The Nature of Spiritual Bondage, Resisting the Attacks of the Adversary, Overcoming Common Hindrances to Spiritual Growth, Quenching, Resisting, & Sinning Against the Holy Spirit, Differentiating Between Flesh and Spirit, Practical Bible Study and You, Receiving and Growing in the Word, Commitment, Dedication, and Consecration, Nehemiah Revisited.

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