Biblical Perspectives on Divorce & Remarriage

Biblical Perspectives on Divorce & Remarriage

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God established marriage for our fulfillment. But that is frequently arrived at in unanticipated ways - forged by the pressures of having to grow in patience, understanding, and moderation of one's own traits and temperaments. Marriage requires a blending together that, because we are mere flesh, can only transpire by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Yet if there is unwillingness to learn that blending, there is no capacity to grow together in God's highest design, and the believer becomes vulnerable to the world's relaxed attitude toward divorce. Compounding the problem, the pendulum of the church's stance may swing from virtually black-balling anyone who's gone through the tragedy of marital failure, to the libertarian casting aside of all righteous standards.

This study by Pastor Jack Hayford sensitively addresses believers on these difficult and often confusing subjects. It answers questions regularly posed by believers of every marital status: singles, married couples, those confronting heartbreak or failure within their marriage, and those believers who have been divorced and are wondering on what terms God allows them remarry. 

Contains two messages: "Can God Put Together What Man Has Split Asunder?" and "Divorce and the People of God."

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